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    Knives for Sale


    Thanks for your interest in my work and passion. 

    >>> e-mail me directly at or use the "Quick Note" form (at right.)  Simple as that - I'll let you know when something new is available to buy.

    I sell most of my knives & swords to people who are on my Waiting List.   [Occasionally, I will put something up on Blade Gallery and I'll post it here and on IG when I do.]  Please sign up on my Waiting List now.

            *** June 2017 Updates: ***

     #1) I'm transitioning into Damascus only for my new blades:  I'll have a Five-Steel bold damascus (various patterns) that I'll be offering.  I will also be making, in limited runs, a 10,000-Layer damascus with Hamon (clay temper-line.) 

    #2) I'm building a simple new website that will have a password-allowed sales page so that the next person on my Waiting List can log in and see photos of work-in-progress of the next knife I'm working on.  The new sales page will be set up with credit-card processing.  I'll still allow you to use PayPal or mail me a personal check.  Bars of gold are still welcomed too.

    #3) My only social-media is Instagram.  I'll upload a few shop pics and/or general updates there every week. 

    *** Please follow me on INSTAGRAM  ( @rader_blade ) ***

    #4) New logo info:  I will be using a new "10,000-L" and "5-Steel" logo that will be placed on the back (left) side of my new chef knives.  "Rader" will be placed on the front (right) side of all my new kitchen knives in 2017.  Swords and Bowie knives will have the regular placement of logos with "Rader" on the Presentation side and "M.S." plus "10,000-L" or "5-Steel" on the other side.  (pics on new site soon.)