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    Knives for Sale

    Thanks for your interest in my work and passion. 

    Please click around my site and be sure to send me an e-mail using the "Quick Note" form that'll get you on on my waiting list and I'll send you an e-newsletter every once-in-a-while too. 

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    This is an older one of me cutting some rope for my Journeyman performance test. 

    I like it when knives work as they should and everything from my steel selection, heat-treat and handle shapes work towards that goal.  My knives and swords are art and I work hard on every piece to ensure that they not only perform well, but look nice.  I realize that you may well collect my knives out of love for the art and I will make every attempt to bring my art up to higher and higher levels.


    Please click here for a showing of my work hosted by Blade Gallery    Scroll down and you can see quite a large collection of work I've sold through them.  Please return.


    * I earned my Mastersmith rating in 2010 and have been a full-time knife maker since 2002.  I have 23 years experience making swords & knives and have been training in a variety of martial arts for 25 years. 

    * I am doing business as Carbon River Forge out of Bothell, WA.  Phone number available upon request.  Appt. required for knife sharpening, lessons.

    * To contact me please send an e-mail through the "Quick Note" form at right or directly e-mail me at